Types of Home Inspections

Having a Home Inspection is a key step in any real estate transaction. The main purpose of a Home Inspection is to give you the information needed to make an informed decision on the purchase.

The three most common types of Home Inspections are:

  1. Pre-Listing Inspections or inspections done by the Sellers  prior to listing;
  2. Home Inspection done by a potential Buyer;
  3. Post-Purchase Inspection done by a new homeowner

When getting a Pre-Listing Inspection, it helps you as the Seller identify areas of the home that are in need servicing, and gives you the time needed, if any repairs are required.

As a Buyer, getting a Home Inspection can help you identify major defects or identify systems in need of replacement or repair.

Sometimes, a Buyer may opt to skip their Inspection until AFTER Closing, and a Post-Purchase Inspection can be helpful for any new homeowner as it can help you get an estimate on lifespan of the systems within your home, as well as good maintenance routines to get into.

Our local Home Inspector that I work with is Colton Kyle. Please feel free to visit his website:  kyleandsons.com

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