Tips for Sellers

When selling your house

  1. Price It Correctly

Stats show that by pricing your house 10% over “true market value” will reduce the number of buyers who view your house by 50%!  The first 3wks are crucial for new listings so get as many buyers through as possible.

  1. Start Packing & Depersonalize

Buyers want to see the house [walls, ceilings, windows, floors] not furnishings, so pack up what you aren’t using and neatly organize what’s left behind.  You want buyers to envision your space as their own.  Half-empty closets too.  Storage is something every buyer list looking for and there can never be enough of it.  If need be, rent a storage unit.

  1. Light Up Your House

Windows are a key component of every home, so ensure all window covers are hung correctly.  New coverings & hardware can go a long way in presentation.  Curtains should fall on the outside of the window frame to maximize natural light.  I highly recommend cleaning all windows [inside and out], frames and coverings.

Replace burnt-out light bulbs and give lights and lamp shades a good clean [including ceiling fans].

  1. Budget Your Upgrade

Know who your buyers are and gauge your budget for improvements and upgrades.

Small repairs are a must but be careful not to over-spend on renos just before listing [you may not get your money back].  A fresh coat of paint [neutral-colours] is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do, and you will reap the rewards.  A professional deep-clean also goes a very long way. Modernize door handles & cabinet hardware, make sure closet doors are on track, fix leaky faucets and clean the grout.

  1. Camouflage Your Critters

We all love our pets but be selective with their personal items you leave out.  Tuck mats and beds under human beds and place toys in a basket or decorative bin. Keep food bowls tidy and make sure furniture is free & clear of hair. ALWAYS clean litter boxes out [get in the habit of cleaning each a.m. and p.m.] and don’t forget to clean up outside too.  Dogs will need to be removed from the house for all showings and it’s a good idea to contain cats in a dog crate if they tend to be escape artists.

  1. Always Use A Professional Stager

To showcase the features of your house and to maximize its full potential, staging is a must. A professional home stager will work with you to get your house ready for the photoshoot and they will coach you on presentation for showings and open houses.  Staging outdoor living space is also crucial.  “You have 8 seconds from when a buyer is on your doorstep to capture their emotion as a buyer”.

  1. A Comprehensive Photoshoot

A vital component of selling is using someone who is experienced in real estate photography.  This will ensure you have stunning imagery on your house. All photography packages should include stills, aerials, videos and possibly 3D tours.  But beware, do not let your photographer manipulate the imagery by using a wide-angle lens. This will distort the photos and likely upset buyers when they visit your home in person.  The first introduction most buyer will have on your house will be online.  Make it count!

  1. Digital Advertising & Marketing

EXTREMELY important for today’s seller, digital marketing helps you reach a larger audience than you could possibly reach through traditional methods. To ensure your listings maximum online exposure, whether it’s through online website syndication or targeting various social media platforms, this type of marketing should be professionally managed.

Ready To Sell Your Home?

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