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Population: Laurentian Valley: 9,390 [2022]
Municipality: Township of Laurentian Valley

This welcoming community, on the outskirts of Pembroke, is conveniently located along the majestic Ottawa River and the TransCanada Highway [Hwy 17] and consists of a balance between small urban and rural areas. Beautiful natural heritage can be explored in many forests, rivers and lakes throughout. LV also boasts benefits from a growing commercial sector, volunteer recreation facilities, and residential developments which provide new and current residents with great opportunities to enjoy the excellent quality of life that LV offers.

Laurentian Valley is a family-oriented community and invites you to experience your aspirations and hopes as well as share your own. LV continues to invest in infrastructure while keeping taxes affordable in order to leave LV in great shape for future generations.  LV is expected to continue to grow and prosper and their slogan is fittingly “Grow With Us.”

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