There is a reason why the slogan here is “Dynamic By Nature”. Nestled amongst majestic pine, birch & maple and set against the west bank of the Ottawa River and at the confluence of the Petawawa River, Petawawa has a stunning backdrop and a very strong community spirit. The lovely Laurentian Hills are across the river in Quebec and Algonquin Park is situated just west of the Town. Petawawa is a favourite stop for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, canoers, campers, kayakers, anglers & snowmobilers alike. Located about 2 hrs north-west of Ottawa, in the Ottawa Valley and with a population of 15,988 (2011 Census), Petawawa is the most populous municipality in Renfrew County.

The name of Petawawa originates from a local Algonquin word, biidaawewe, meaning “where one hears a noise like this”. You can assume it refers to the raging Petawawa River in the springtime.

Our climate here in Petawawa is a humid continental climate with long, cold, snowy winters (you will want to purchase a snow blower) and warm, often humid, summers.


Garrison Petawawa

Petawawa’s primary employer is the Canadian Government. Most of Petawawa’s residents work as CF Members (5,328) , DND civilian employees (936) or CF dependents (5,653) for  the Canadian Forcesat Garrison Petawawa. Approximately 6,000 people directly connected to the base live in local communities between Deep River and Pembroke. The Garrison has an extensive infrastructure with 465 buildings and over 300 square km’s of property comprising the Petawawa Training Area.



Another major employer is Canadian Nuclear Laboratories located close by in neighbouring Chalk River. CNL is a world leader in developing peaceful and innovative applications from nuclear technology through its expertise in physics, metallurgy, chemistry, biology and engineering. With over 3,000 employees working in the laboratory or project sites across the country, CNL delivers a range of nuclear services ranging from research and development, design and engineering to specialized technology, waste management and decommissioning.


Petawawa & Area Real Estate

The real estate market in Petawawa is largely affected by military relocations. During Posting Season we see an abundance of new listings and military House Hunters coming in to purchase homes. Not too long ago, the market here during Posting Season, was similar to a city market; properties sold in days! Things have leveled out and below are some stats for the overall market (general area):


2015:  sales volume:  2.7% increase        price:  1.2% increase

2014:  sales volume:  -3.0% decrease      price:  -2.2% decrease

2013:  sales volume:  -8.5% decrease      price:  1.7% increase


If you would like some additional stats on our various Municipalities, I am more than happy to supply. I also track my business closely and a few additional stats that may be of interest are:

  • On average it takes 12.9 showings to bring a successful offer
  • 56.5% of my clientele are CF Members
  • 61.7% of my business are military relocations

Petawawa offers a wide spectrum of homes available, from new builds ranging from $240 000 to $400 000 (and over) in various locations, to lovely homes settled in mature subdivisions either directly in-town on full Municipal services or those on the outskirts often with wells and septic systems. There are a number of town homes available, if less maintenance is a requirement, to recreational properties along waterways. The area also has two well maintained, year round, mobile parks.


We also have listings in Deep River, Laurentian Hills and Pembroke

Petawawa Listings