What Sets Us Apart??

Let me count the reasons why you should put our expertise to work for you:

  1. COMMITMENT – We fully stand behind our commitment to you and back this up by a Service Guarantee which holds us accountable for doing what we say we will do.
  1. EXPERIENCED – Over 30yrs of combined real estate experience and our awards are a proven track record for hard work & success.
  1. INTEGRITY – We believe in total transparency and run our business on an ethical platform whether buying or selling a home.
  1. TECHNOLOGY – We hire professionals to ensure we are always up–to–date on the latest technology.
  1. MARKETING – Our professional marketing company will ensure that PatriciaNewman.ca ranks high within Google, Social Media platforms are managed, and aggressive advertising is done.
  1. RELOCATION EXPERTS – With years of successful real estate transactions behind us, we can honestly say “we know relocations”. We are TPS for BGRS.
  1. SERVICE GUARANTEE – We offer a service guarantee which holds us accountable for doing the things we say we will do whether buying a new home or selling a current home.

Ready To Sell Your Home?

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