What Are My Military Relocation Housing Options?

Moving is both a stressful and exciting experience for service personnel. Whether you’re relocating to a new city, state, or even overseas, there are many things to consider before your military relocation.

Thankfully, several companies are devoted to assisting individuals who need suitable accommodations. You will need something within your budget and ideal for your family. We at Pembroke Re/Max Realty offer complete support in your search for a home while you are deployed in the area.

Who Is Eligible For Housing as part of Military Relocation?

Housing is offered to most active-duty service members, whether they reside on or off station. Accommodation in the military is determined by location, rank, and family situation. Recruits can reside in barracks during basic training but have additional housing choices as they advance. In addition to living on base, employees may get a housing allowance as a component of their salary.

Options available in Petawawa

Military relocation is high in Petawawa, and the primary employer here is Garrison Petawawa- the Canadian Armed Forces Army Base. Most of Petawawa’s citizens are CAF Members (5,328)/DND civilian workers (936). Around 6,000 persons directly tied to the base reside in surrounding communities between Pembroke and Deep River. The Petawawa Training Area encompasses about 300 km and 465 structures within the Garrison’s enormous infrastructure.

Petawawa provides various housing options, from brand-new constructions to gorgeous houses in established communities. In addition, there are a variety of residences both inside the city limits and on the fringes. If less upkeep is wanted, Petawawa offers a variety of townhouses and recreational properties around rivers.

We specialize in military relocation and, therefore, can assist you in finding just what you need. After receiving your details and wish list, we look for suitable houses in the region, arrange showings and accompany you to examine them, assist with the application procedure, facilitate the agreement, and complete all the details. We guide you through the whole process and make your move a breeze. No matter your requirement, we can help with the best accommodation.

For more details about our military relocation options, please call Pembroke Re/Max Realty at (613) 312-9403, and Patricia Newman will call you back shortly to help with these details. We have in-depth knowledge of local properties available for military personnel relocation.

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