Moving And Packing Tips For Military Families

Life in the military requires a high level of planning and organization, which is no surprise. Block holidays are great for spending time with family and friends, but even that yearly trip requires preparation. Many military families could use some help getting settled in a new location after a PCS. Pembroke Re/Max Realty is here to help you with your next move, regardless of where your orders take you so that you can focus on the beautiful new experiences in your new home.


No matter how lowkey your household is, you likely still have many unused belongings. Do a little at a time; get the children to sort their belongings. Make sure that the entire home follows suit. Make regular journeys to Goodwill or any other donation centers in your area. Clean out your house of any unnecessary items.

Start Planning Well in Advance

You can begin arranging the fundamentals when you receive orders. If you cannot settle on a specific moving date, you should be able to schedule your moving week. Get the ball rolling on your search for moving companies. Make a list of everything that needs to be done, and if your trip takes you far, start researching hotels.

Moving Day Diary

When relocating to a new location, a great deal of paperwork is involved, and it is easy for important documents to get lost. Make a binder to store all the information you will collect. Everything from your new base’s contact information to your birth and marriage certificates, vehicle titles, medical records, insurance policies, and hotel reservations.

Packing Materials For Military Families

Tossing things into boxes can seem like the quickest way to pack, but there are better options. Prepare to begin packing immediately by gathering all necessary supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. Assign a color to each space and then go through the house, labeling things with stickers that match the colors of the rooms. Having everything in its proper location can facilitate packing on the big day. This will make it much easier to unpack in the new house and put things where they belong.

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