Patricia Newman Realty – blog Nov 17

No matter what you do, there never seems to be enough money for your home improvement projects.

The great news is that you can do quite a lot to boost your home’s appeal, even when you are on a budget. Below are ten simple home improvement projects you can start implementing today without breaking the bank.


1. Transform a Small Dresser into a Gorgeous Kitchen Island

A fancy kitchen often comes at a huge cost – an astronomical financial investment. Fortunately, you can take an old dresser you don’t use anymore and transform it into your favorite kitchen island.


2. Upgrade your Tub

By simply painting your tub using a cover-stain sealer, you can enjoy a whole new upgraded tub that looks amazing. Use professional paint to enjoy vivid colors even after months of bathing & showering.
3. A New Bathroom Vanity

One of the best ways to improve your home when on a budget is to take advantage of the benefits a fresh coat of paint can bring. Instead of replacing your old bathroom vanity, just give it a fresh appeal by painting it in your favorite color.
4. DIY Doors for your Shaker

The standard price of shaker doors can give you tremors. Instead of buying new doors, overhaul the old doors and personalize them in a fun DIY project.
5. Update the Ceiling Fans

This doesn’t cost a fortune and can dramatically improve the appeal of your home.
6. Go with Faux Shiplap

Wood is quite expensive, especially if you are a big fan and you choose to go with shiplap in your home. Use faux shiplap to save huge when building your shiplap wall or doors.
7. Eye-Catching Wall

Use recycled pallets to build your own beautiful accent wall.
8. Go with a Budget-Friendly Entryway

Who said that an entryway needs to be expensive? You can now decorate your entryway on a budget to transform your home’s appeal without spending a fortune.
9. Time for Some Stair Makeover?

A stair runner and fresh coat of vivid paint can transform that old, rusty staircase into a modern one.
10. Concrete Countertop

Lastly, you can save big while enhancing the appeal of your home by doing your own concrete countertop DIY project.